descriptionA web browser that respects your privacy
ownerSoren Stoutner
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15 hours ago Soren StoutnerRename `Default font size` to `Font size`. https:... master
16 hours ago Soren StoutnerRemove text selection from the WebView when a drawer...
3 days ago Soren StoutnerRelease 2.14. v2.14
4 days ago Soren StoutnerAdd option to download with external program. https...
2018-11-27 Soren StoutnerAdd OpenPGP encrypted export. https://redmine.stoutner...
2018-11-20 Soren StoutnerAdd password encrypted export.
2018-11-12 Soren StoutnerRevert the app icon style for older versions of Android...
2018-11-12 Soren StoutnerAdd a quick toggle for Proxy Through Orbot. https...
2018-11-12 Soren StoutnerSecond half of update to the Guide.
2018-11-09 Soren StoutnerPartial update to the Guide.
2018-10-31 Soren StoutnerAllow exiting the Bookmarks activity from a subfolder...
2018-10-31 Soren StoutnerChange “Chrome” to “WebView” in About > Version. https...
2018-10-31 Soren StoutnerFix clearing of DOM storage from the options menu....
2018-10-30 Soren StoutnerScroll to the beginning of the URL text box when it...
2018-10-29 Soren StoutnerRelease 2.13. v2.13
2018-10-25 Soren StoutnerUpdate About > Permissions.
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