Privacy Browser

Privacy Browser does not collect any user information.

Google Play

Google Play has its own privacy policy. Google provides anonymized summary installation information to developers, including the number of installs organized by the following categories.

Google Play Ratings

Google Play has its own privacy policy. Google provides developers with anonymized summaries of the following information related to user ratings.

Google Play Reviews

Google Play has its own privacy policy. In addition to the name of the reviewer, the rating, and the text of the review (which are all available publicly), Google provides some or all of the following information to the developer.

Direct Communications

Users may choose to send direct communications to Stoutner, like email messages and comments on

Use of Information

Stoutner may use this information in any way that assists in the development of Privacy Browser, like troubleshooting bug reports or developing features, including sharing the information with a third party to assist in this process. Stoutner will never sell this information nor transfer it to any third party that would use it for advertising or marketing.

Revision 1.4, 20 April 2017